Peer-Led Study Groups


What are Peer Led Study Groups?

Peer Led Study Groups are created by students across the University and provide a friendly environment to improve course understanding, cover more material from a module, act as a support system for its members and make learning more enjoyable.  The Peer Support Project aims to offer guidance and support for those looking to create a sustainable and successful group.


How to Set Up Your Own Successful Study Group

We are creating and housing resources on this page to help support your Peer-led Study. We want to encourage more students to take part in Peer-led Study whilst also making you aware that, although you may study with others, your work must remain your own. We have put together a guide to setting up and making the most of a Peer Led Study group which is accessible below.

Peer Led Study Groups - Guide 


Where can I hold my study group?


The University has a range of study spaces that are available and are ideal places to arrange to meet with others from your course.  Click on the links below for ideas about study spaces available for your group and help in booking the rooms:

Informal study space map

Library rooms for booking

Computer availability across campus

Study Group Profile

Click on the picture below to read an interview with Joe about how he set up and runs his study group.  

Are you also already running a successful study group?

If you are already running a successful study group then we want to hear from you!  Please contact us here and tell us what your group studies, how your group works, how often you meet , a bit about your members, why your group is so great… or any other details you think we should know.