Student Portfolios

Student Portfolios


Here's a selection of our students and recent graduates who have been getting involved in our enterprising activities. 

Name: Harry Lane

Course: 2nd Year Psychology 

I was first pointed in the direction of the Enterprise Hub by my Hall warden after discussing my, at the time, very new and basic clothing company. Fresh faced and without a clue I soon found myself under the helpful guidance of both Emma and April. Both were absolutely fantastic in helping me with business details that I would have otherwise been completely unaware of and gave me the great opportunity to have a Pop-Up stall in the union. However, where they have really come into their own was in their tireless willingness to hear out my crazy plans, and rather than warding me off, helped me to put many of them into action.


Name: Oliver Thorpe

Course: 2nd Year Information, Management & Business

I'm Oliver Thorp and I am a second year business student. I have been involved with the enterprise hub since my first year. I am currently on placement for IBM. In my first year I was involved in the BID Loughborough social media project In which I consulted with 108 World buffet bar on how they can improve their social media presence. This project allowed me to gain confidence and organisation skills through schedule weekly meetings and interpersonal skills to articulate myself effectively in front of a business manager.  My involvement within this prompted student enterprise to ask me back the following year to head up the project with two other people. By leading this project I gained a deeper understanding into what it was like to lead a team of people and the commitment and responsibility of doing so. The great feedback we had from the project also helped us be shortlisted for an enterprising award at the end of the year!

I also got involved with consulting for Anglian Water in which we got the chance to discuss to their staff how our generation use social media and what attracts our attention. It was great for me as I got to talk about how we use Snapchat and yikyak which went down brilliantly!

I honeslty think that without the skills I gained from enterprise I would have never been in the position I am at the moment or had the experience that I did the past year. I loved every minute of it and can't wait to get involved in my final year!

Name: Sam Frith

Course: 1st Year International Business

I am an International Business student at Loughborough University, and got involved in the Enterprise Hub early in my first year of study. I was finding my feet at university, and the Enterprise Hub gave me the opportunity to get involved by applying for The Loughborough Apprentice with a few friends.

The Enterprise Hub gave me the opportunity to develop my interpersonal and organisational skills, increasing my confidence and allowing me to learn some important business lessons.

Following this, I was offered the opportunity along with various other students to deliver a workshop on Generation Y and Social Media. We were asked to develop a 15-minutes masterclasses on social media networks to present to groups of managers from Anglian Water. This opportunity helped me to further develop my confidence and communication skills.

Participating in the Loughborough Apprentice was like knocking down the first in a long row of dominoes, it gave me the confidence to pursue other opportunities across the University infrastructure. I feel more employable from my experience with the Enterprise Hub, and I would encourage others to get involved as well.

Name: Ammar Mulla

Course: Final Year Computing & Management

Having just graduated from a degree in Computing and Management at Loughborough University I first became involved with the Enterprise Hub through the society, ‘Enactus’. During my final year of University, the Enterprise Hub has supported both myself and the Enactus team in our enterprising initiatives, providing valuable feedback, guidance and support wherever they could. It’s so incredibly fantastic to have Emma, April, and the rest of the Enterprise Network support the work you do.

Getting involved was really easy; it was as simple as popping into the Enterprise Hub and saying hello. Getting involved with all the upcoming events was so easy for example, the Social Storm 24h Hackathon which a group of friends took part in and went on to win (if you’re thinking about doing this next year, my advice is DO IT).

I’m extremely grateful for the Enterprise Hub and its staff, and couldn’t recommend it enough to any students who would like to involve themselves in Enterprise over the coming years!