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New Beginnings

7th September 2016

Keeping it short and sweet for my first blog but after three days into my new role as the Enterprise Intern at LSU, I can already envision the amazing experience that this role is going to offer.

Day one kicked off with a thorough and informative hand over from April Pass (Enterprise Intern 2015-16), I not only feel more secure and prepared for the year ahead but very excited. LSU is unique in the way that the jobs you do often give back to you a world of opportunities and this role seems to be no exception.

So, after a lot of planning, listening and colour coding day two and three have been filled with vision and creativity to try and find alternative ways to market certain enterprise events or just the section on its own. It has been so nice getting to do both admin and office based work as well as getting to utilise the more artistic side of my brain!

In terms of the future I am so motivated to work with Ally, Emma and Leo this year, especially with a LSU Development Officer on the Enterprise team this year I really hope we can achieve more than we ever have.

Thanks for reading!



3rd August 2016

So as my year comes to an end I thought it would be good to do a summary.  It’s been the most amazing year which has taught me so much, not only about the job, LSU or even my career path but mostly importantly, about me, myself and I.  It has been a year of self development and what a year it’s been – full of uncontrollable laughter, tears and so much fun. It has been one of the hardest but best years I could imagine. I thought I’d take the opportunity for you to have an insight into what my year in LSU Enterprise has been like.

One of the main reasons I went for this role, was to try and gain confidence in myself. My ability to present was distinctly average and I wanted to have a presence in front of an audience, no matter how much that terrified me. I never anticipated how many presentations I would have to give. I started the year holding notes and shaking like a leaf. Now, of course I still get nervous, but I can’t believe I actually enjoy it! It’s a rewarding experience to talk about a section you feel so passionate about, it has almost become that it doesn’t feel like work….

One thing the Union supports is you making the year your own. Because of this, I wanted to run a new event with personal drive behind it; being a Loughborough alumni from the School of the Arts I ran the first ever SotA boot camp ‘Create. Develop. Fly’ in January to help students to make the transition from academia into the business world. It was a real insight into how to run an event from scratch – from realising some people genuinely drop out at the last minute and that the air con in Fusion is very very cold. But in spite on this, the day went well with 17 students attending and giving great feedback. I would say it was a great event and one I hope grows in the future.

My favourite event to run was the Student Enterprise Awards. As a naturally creative person, this was my dream – to have free reign over the theme and decorations! Giving the night an Oscars, cinematic feel was great fun to do. The decorations and branding were ideal for what I was trying to achieve. The night was amazing and spent with some of the best colleagues and students I could wish for. It was definitely a night I will never forget!

For me the funniest part of the year, was working on The Apprentice. The boardrooms were brilliant with the comments from the judges, Andy Meakin, James Bowker, Faizan Quershi and Tracy Bhamra. And the ultimate climax to the competition being Tracy Bhamra firing the wrong team in the final boardroom…..Still hilarious.

This is where I get soppy as I say thank you. The Union has been brilliant all year with support from numerous fantastic people as I’ve fumbled my way through. There’s no one here that hasn’t helped me in some way I’m sure!  I just want to say thank you to the unbelievable Jess Excell for being an amazing support to LSU Enterprise as the president, her hard work and enthusiasm is incredible. Most importantly I have to thank the most important 2 women in my experience here, Emma Bishop and Ally McDonald. They have had to put up with my perfectionist ways even when it has drove them insane, my crazy early planning and my occasional sassiness. Thank you for putting up with me and thank you for making my year here an unbelievable one!

You may not have got rid of me yet but I am saying goodbye to this role. Adios!