Funding Your Enterprise

NEW Competition OPEN to all innovative undergraduates.

  • Target Jobs have partnered with Barclays and are looking for the most innovative undergraduate of the year. If you have plenty of drive and entrepreneurial spirit up your sleeve and you are no stranger to begin called digitally savvy, this competition is perfect for you.

  • To find out more, go to the link below;


Funding Your Enterprise

There are a number of ways which you can raise funds to kickstart your business, including grants, loans and entering business competitions. Business competitions are a great way of raising funds and getting feedback and advice on your business idea, plus meeting lots of potential mentors and similar like minded aspiring entrepreneurs. 

There are a number of competitions open to startups across the UK and EU, these are often run by government organisations, charities or social enterprises focused on helping entrepreneurs. 

Below is a selection of competitons aimed at young entreprenuers and startups, which are all open for you to apply to, subject to their terms and conditions. 


Varsity Pitch


NACUE's Varsity Pitch is a chance to win £10,000 for your business idea, simply by entering a 1 minute pitch. 

When: opens in August 2015

What do you have to do: Submit your business idea pitch online

Link to website:

Santander 60 Second Pitch 

Santander's 60 Second Pitch is a chance to win £1500 for your business idea, and runs a couple of times a year. 

When: The next competition is open from October 2015.

What do you have to do: Submit a 60 second video pitch online and collect votes for your idea. 

Link to website:

Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Programme

Shell LiveWIRE's monthy awards is a chance to win £5000 and lots of advice and support for your business idea. This award is open to 'any entrepreneur aged 16-30 who have been trading for less than a year, or is looking to start trading in the next 6 months. They must have an idea that addresses the UK's future transport, energy, or natural resource challenges, or makes our urban environments cleaner and more sustainable places to work and live in.'

When: Open every month

What do you have to do: Submit your business idea online. 

Link to website: