Social Storm


Social Storm facilitates the connection of passionate young people, to allow them to collaborate on finding innovative solutions to global issues. This connection is achieved through our hackathons. These events bring international universities and a dynamic mix of students together to discuss how to tackle global issues via sustainable and financially viable solutions. 


The Social Storm hackathon is a 24-hour event run at Universities around the world during Global Entrepreneurship Week. where students work in international teams of between 6 to 8 students to find solutions to global social issues such as providing education universally, improving food security and solving gender inequality. The two social issues to be focused on in November 2016 are Food Security and Sustainable Housing.


Students spend 24 hours (either staying awake or working in shifts with teammates) developing a solution to one global social issue and creating a 3-minute video and one-page summary by the end of the 24 hours, with a cash prize for the winning team.


It’s a real test of patience, drive and communication.

Wanting to take part? Why not visit and Keep your eye out for #socialstorm16!


"Watching passionate students working at 3am to tackle issues that are facing our generation is truly inspiring, and it's great to see how the teams stand up to the challenges of working under pressure, in multinational teams and across time zones."