Social Media Program


The Social Media Program was originally devised by the Enactus Society, to help the local community and local businesses with the support of the university students and their skills. The idea was to take students into businesses to utilise a generation that made social media into making strong social media platforms for companies that this is a weakness.

This year we saw 20 students go into 20 businesses from the BID and Charnwood area. To begin the process, the businesses took the opportunity to meet the student were assigned to them. It was great for not only the businesses to meet them but also for the students to get an idea of what the company needed advice on - It was a big insight for the students into the consulting world!

the students were tasked with providing 1-2-1 training in social media giving the companies the tools to increase their customer reach and presence by looking at their target market and how best to engage with them.

This program is a real life opportunity to utilise the knowledge and skills you have acquired on your course. It outlines the transition made from academia to the business world and the practicality of this. This, for most students, is a situation they have never faced or had the chance to face!

All of the students that took part loved it and found it rewarding as they saw the difference they made at the company and the notable improvements they had made to their social media presence!