£10 Hall Challenge


The £10 Hall challenge is our opportunity to get every hall in the university excited and involved in Enterprise! It’s a simple idea – how much can each hall make it 10 days from £10?


This has been running for 2 years now and each year some of the halls really take this competition in their stride! The way they make money is so varied – from making and selling cakes to a student volunteering to dye his hair bright blonde! It’s also important to note that the winner was not just based on how much money raised but also presence, awareness and innovation!

The best part of this competition is that whatever they raise goes towards the hall’s RAG total making them more competitive than ever!


This year blew us away with David Collett collecting over £600 from just one hall, making our over all total over £1500! They then went on to win our Enterprising Hall of the Year as a thank you for their unbelievable contribution! (Want to know how? Take a look at hallchallenge16 on twitter and see for yourself!)

It’s a great engaging competition that drives students to think enterprisingly, without even realizing they can do it!


Be sure to get your hall involved next year!