Enterprise Competitions

Look out for the following competitins and get involved!

The Apprentice

Will you be the next Loughborough Apprentice?


Social Storm - to connect, collaborate and innovate for global change

Social Storm facilitates the connection of passionate young people, to allow them to collaborate on finding innovative solutions to global issues. This connection is achieved through our hackathons. These events bring international universities and a dynamic mix of students together to discuss how to tackle global issues via sustainable and financially viable solutions. 


Social Media Program

The Social Media Program was originally devised by the Enactus Society, to help the local community and local businesses with the support of the university students and their skills. The idea was to take students into businesses to utilise a generation that made social media into making strong social media platforms for companies that this is a weakness.


£10 Hall Challenge

The £10 Hall challenge is our opportunity to get every hall in the university excited and involved in Enterprise! It’s a simple idea – how much can each hall make it 10 days from £10?


The Coaster Challenge

The Coaster Challenge is a revamp from last year’s ‘Postcard Challenge’. It is a great opportunity to jot down any idea you have, be it simply an idea or something you are developing! It was started as a way to get students motivated to develop their ideas further with us!


Apply Yourself

This competition was developed in response to the students’ needs for app development support. The idea behind the competition did not literally develop the app in terms of coding, we intended to help students understand the global reach in a fast growing, ever developing market.