Enterprise Competitions


Monday 13th November - On the Deckchair With...

Look out for our first episode in a series of interviews with inspiring figures within our Loughborough community!


Tuesday 14th November 5.30pm - 7.30pm, Cognitos, LSU- Loughboorugh Enterprise Network event

Welcome to our first networking event. Everyone is welcome to come along, have a slice of pizza and listen to speakers from some of our enterprising societies. You can also develop your network of enterprising students and Alumni. Need help with your business? We will have a 'post it' board for you to advertise the help you need or maybe you would like to get involved with a start up?


Thursday 6.30pm-7.30pm, Glendonbrook Centre, Brockington B.0.08 - Get Coded!

This one hour coding workshop gives you an initial insite into coding. You will be given simple tasks and develop basic coding skills. This workshop is designed for students who haven't coded before.

Spaces are limited. Sign up by emailing - emmabishop@lsu.co.uk


Friday 17th - Saturday 18th November, Glendonbrook Centre, Brockington B.0.08 - Social Storm

Our 24 hour event is back and bigger than ever! You will be working in teams made up of studnets from across the globe in real time as you work towards finding a sustainable buisness solution to one of the UN's Global Goals! This is one of our favorite and most exciting events of the year.

Places are limited and signing up is essential. To sign up email - emmabishop@lsu.co.uk


Look Out for...

£10 Hall Challenge

The £10 Hall challenge is our opportunity to get every hall in the university excited and involved in Enterprise! It’s a simple idea – how much can each hall make it 10 days from £10?

Apply Yourself

This competition was developed in response to the students’ needs for app development support. The idea behind the competition did not literally develop the app in terms of coding, we intended to help students understand the global reach in a fast growing, ever developing market.