The Employability Award

The Loughborough Employability Award will help you to stand out from the crowd. It provides you with a framework through which you can record your co-curricular activities (volunteering, work experience etc.) and reflect on the employability skills you have developed through taking part in these activities. Being able to articulate your skills is crucial when applying for jobs and having interviews. 

Volunteering in Action helps you build a range of transferable skills, and the award will allow you to have official recognition of the achievements beyond your course.

Award applicants must get 100 points to complete the award, which can be achieved through a range of extra-curricular activities. Students must write a short summary of each activity and reflect on the skills they've gained. 


How Action hours translate to employability award points:

Bronze Award (10 hours) - 10 points

Silver Award (25 hours) - 15 points

Gold Award (50 hours) - 20 points

Platinum Award (100 hours) - 30 points

Diamond Award (150 hours) - 35 points


How do I sign up?

Attend an introductory session held by the Careers Centre and enrol on the award.