Action Awards



"This year would have not been possible without the hard work, dedication and passion that each volunteer, hall rep, project leader and a committee member put to make Action the best it can be. Everyone has put their heart and soul into some incredible acts of kindness and generosity and for that I will be forever grateful.

 It is incredibly hard to sum up this year in just a few sentences. The volunteers have gone above and beyond, and have truly exceeded my expectations. The term “record breaking” has been mentioned many times this year. For the first time ever, we had a DBS evening to help more people get involved with projects, we introduced dog food as part of our food drive to support our local kennels, contributed to the biggest national spit donation event to support the Anthony Nolan register, led employability workshops by our Young Person’s Officer, introduced committee hall buddy systems to support welfare of our hall reps, celebrated 20 years of our amazing section, experienced the international section tripling in size, and we have had the most successful alumni weekend with a victory over RAG in the football match! It has been a rollercoaster of fun, stress, and laughter." -  Anna Milewska, Action EO 2016-17

Best New Volunteer

Awarded to a volunteer who has made the highest contribution to Action and is new to the section this year.

 The highly commended for the best new volunteer goes to someone who despite all their other commitments, has not only been an incredible volunteer but also a fantastic project leader for one of our most unengaged with student populations. This person has been described as an Action Superstar, and asset to their hall as well as the section.

The nominations for this individual describe them as someone who has completely immersed themselves in Action this year. This person is a deeply committed and passionate volunteer, they were described to have the biggest heart and clearly love Action. This individual devoted majority of their time particularly in the young person’s section, and became the first senior volunteer in Kids Cooking!

Vincent So
Tom Ives
Katie Avril
Amina Hamoud -  Highly Commended
Aron Hing - WINNER
Frankie Bagshaw
George Taylor-Ingle


Most Improved Volunteer

Awarded to the volunteer who has improved the most on their previous years contribution.

The winner of this award, has received one of the best quality nominations we have read in this category. This person’s infectious love for helping others has been clear this year. They are a truly sweet individual, who has been a pleasure to work with over this year. This individual went from doing a few A-teams and department projects last year, all the way to applying to be our project leader for next year!  When on projects, this individual always comes in with a big smile, and a get up and go attitude. This person dedicated countless number of hours to help in a various amount of Action projects,.

Niah Johnson
Kit Messinger
Joanna Dobell - WINNER
Ana-Maria Bilciu
Sherri Kapadia
Emma Finlayson

Best Overall Volunteer

Awarded to an individual who has stood out amongst others, someone with new ideas and has worked hard within the section.

The highly commended award goes to someone who is one of only 9 people to reach over 200 hours in Action during this year, they have been a constant support to the section, apparently make one of the best roast dinners and most importantly their contribution and hard work helped to revolutionise and expand the international section to new levels.

This person is described as an exceptional figure of what an Action volunteer should encompass. In their time in Action, they have engaged with many projects, but what makes this person stand out is just how much enthusiasm, hard work and dedication they have put this year.  They have been so precious to the young person’s section, and they truly have a heart of gold.

Amy Cockram
Kym Gurr
Lien Nguyen - Highly Commended
Emily Delves
Andrew Long
Jena Dickson
Emma Finlayson - WINNER


Best Off coming Hall rep

Awarded to the best hall rep who rep at the start of the academic year.

The highly commended winner for this award, has been a fantastic hall rep, dedicating many hours to Action and ensuring their hall and volunteers are always supported. The nominations for this individual have been incredibly personal and touching, “with this individual it feels like there are 3 Action reps”.

The best off coming rep for this year is someone who helped their hall champion the values of Action, this individual has truly given their heart and soul into volunteering with their hall even after they came off. They supported the current reps in proposing new projects, new ideas for recruitment and has always been there for them whenever needed. Due to this individual’s hard work, their hall has reached new heights. They are always so enthusiastic, and a true pleasure to work with. We’ve absolutely loved having her as part of the hall reps team. 

Lily Sadler
Rachel Addison - WINNER
Stu Ashton - Highly Commended
Aleksandra Gawor
Liam Brierley
Jessica Newman
Andy Barker
Sam Davies


Best On coming Hall rep

Awarded to the best new rep who has been elected during this academic year.

The highly commended trophy goes to a rep who has absolutely turned the league table around this year. Starting from a very low position, they have completely shot up towards the end of the year. Particularly, in how well they have performed during both of our food drives, with ideas such as quizzes and reaching out to local organisations for sponsorship and vouchers.  

The winner of the best oncoming rep has received more nominations than anyone else in this category. They have been praised for almost everything they have done as part of their role and beyond. This person is not only organised, motivated and extremelly dedicated to Action, they are also so kind-hearted, and have been described as one of the friendliest faces in their hall.

I would like to quote just one of many nominations that this individual has received. This person has been “the bread to my butter, the bubble to my bath, the wind to my kite. Never have I met such a kind-hearted soul who’s willing to put anyone before themselves, to ensure that any new volunteer regardless of hall feels welcome”

Flora Smith
Adam Derham - Highly Commended
Josie Deedes
Brad Reeder
Joel Brocklehurst - WINNER
Megan Howland
Darcey Dunne


Most Improved Hall

Awarded to the hall which has improved the most from the previous academic year.

The winner of the Most Improved Hall has worked tremendously hard to reinvent Action within their hall, and have undertaken great effort to do so.  The incredible teamwork from the reps, and their committee has been truly wonderful. They are one of the smallest halls on campus, yet one of the oldest ones. Their Action Reps have worked so hard to engage their students by introducing many new and fun ways to attract volunteers, for example the don’t laugh challenge, eat it or wear it and so many more. They were incredible during the Spit Happens day and they truly derserve this award.

The Holt - WINNER
Butler Court
John Phillips


Most Improved Project of the Year

Awarded to a project which has grown, developed and improved most on previous years. Can also be rewarded to a new project which has taken off within the academic year.

The winner of the most improved project has gone above and beyond in ensuring a strong start to their year. The project leaders have worked incredibly hard, and increased the number of volunteers by 100%, absolutely championed the application process ensuring that volunteers can now start volunteering quickly, developed a trusting relationship with the organisation they work with, increased the management of the project so that the volunteers have a clear timetable, and increased the projects visibility.

Soup Kitchen
Kids Cooking
Ashmount - WINNER
Language Support Scheme
Reading Allowed
Kids Olympics


Project of the Year

Awarded to the project that has made the Action experience the best it can possibly be for their volunteers and made a significant impact with its work.

The quantity and quality of nominations have been so incredible we decided to award another project with the highly commended award. This project has truly touched each of the volunteer’s hearts, it has been more then the volunteers ever expected it to be because of the unique bond created between the volunteers and children. They have had the opportunity to impact 15 young carers, whos lives are revolved around the health of their closest relatives, and often they don’t get a chance to do the things that children should do, like playing football outside, or going to the farm to see animals.

One of the children said “it has been the best week of my life” and that is a true testament for how incredible this project and volunteers are.  It changes your way of looking at everything and it makes you consider the important things in life.


The winner of this award goes to a project that has received an incredible amount of nominations. What makes this project so special is the determination for change, determination to keep going despite a lot of the hard work that has been put in previous years was destroyed by a natural disaster. Our volunteers risked their lives a few years ago, when an earthquake hit they were on the plane back to the UK. A few years later, this project goes from strength to strength, this year the volunteers provided a life changing experience to restore a hostel for girls who live hours away from their school. They have given them an opportunity to focus on their education in a safe- earthquake proof, friendly and now beautiful environment.  The jobs that our volunteers did, included not only painting the whole hostel but also putting up bunk beds, sanding all doors, windows and so much more. They were able to see the happiness that these girls showed when they were moving into the hostel only a week after they finished all the work. They not only helped those young girls in providing prospects for future, but also, they changed the communities by giving them a chance to survive when an uncontrollable event occurs.  

Kids Camp -  Highly Commended
Mexico 2016
Action Nursery
Soup Kitchen
Kids Olympics
Spit Happens
Kids Cooking
Special Events
Nepal - WINNER
Forget Me Not


Project Leader of the Year

Awarded to the project Leader who has evidently gone above and beyond throughout this academic year.

The highly commended award goes to a team that has put together a remarkable project. They are both fantastic, always professional, and prepared to take on new challenges within their project.  Being a leader for this project can be difficult due to the time scale of which they assign their volunteers, and the moment when they go on the project. The sheer volume of work that goes into the planning, preparation and execution of the trip is incredible and this year both of them did an amazing job. They have given their volunteers and the children the time of their life, and although they didn’t know each other well before the projects, they have developed a great friendship from it. What neither of those project leaders know is that in their nominations one of the key aspects they spoke about is their friendship. I hope they don’t mind if I quote one of them “ Although we were both very different, the project definitely brought us together an I would certainly say that a great friendship was formed, which for me, is a very important part of Action”.

The award for the project leader of the year goes to a pair of incredible individuals who have taken on their roles as project leaders, owned it, loved it, and put so much effort into ensuring their project runs from strength to strength. They have not only developed their project, but moved it forward by having their first ever one off event, they collaborated with the nursery, applied for their own budget, and created the role of senior volunteers to help them go into new schools. All in all, both have been outstanding, always approachable, happy and most importantly from the moment they became project leaders they have impacted so many individuals, and engaged more volunteers then ever before!

Jordan Whittle – Open Door
Chris Nixon – Nepal
Alice Turner & Emma Finlayson – Kids Cooking -  WINNER
Rumour Sopp & Abigail Osbourne – Ashmount
Aleksander Kolodziejczyk – India
Chirali Patel & Hannah Thompson – Kids Olympics
Kit Messinger – Reading Allowed
Lien Nguyen – Soup Kitchen and Sunday Roast
Lawrence Warswick – Enterprise
Amy Cockram & Georgia Sharp – Kids Camp - Highly Commended
Jena Dickson – Special Events
Amreen Chaudhry – After School Sports Club


Action's Best Team

Awarded to a team of two or more people who have made the Action experience the best it can possibly be to their volunteers or as a volunteering team.

The award for the highly commended best team of the year, goes to an incredible group of people who over a very short time bonded so well as a team. They have worked together to create something incredible, there was laughter, happy tears and amazing memories. This team has worked tirelessly to ensure everyone involved made unforgettable memories. It is a fact that the children who were blessed to have this team have had the best time of their life.


The winner of this award is a team which have proven just how important it is to work together. They have spent an intense amount of time with each other, but they have also made an incredible impact on the communities they worked with. It was the first time this project was launched and with great success this team lead it extremely well. They often worked from 5am till late hours and took on every task they were given with enthusiasm and dedication. For a month they were faced with many challenges in an unfamiliar environment, and returned not only as a group of volunteers but as a team of close friends. They truly excelled in their work, their attitude, their behaviour and as a team; a true asset to LSU Action and, for that reason I would like to announce that the Action’s best team goes to…

India Trip 2016 - WINNER
Meg Howland and Will Hornby
Mexico trip 2016
Kids Olympics
Dan Walsh and Josie Deedes
Harry French Reps
Kids Camp - Highly Commended
Action Committee
Departmental Action


Most Outstanding Contribution to the Community

Awarded to an individual or team who has made a substantial impact upon the community.

The highly commended award goes to a project or project leaders who have worked extremely hard to engage various community members. Their dedication, and commitment was clear in the quality of the project they organised.  They not only continue to provide our most successful and long running projects that many know and adore, but also they have continuously worked hard to come up with new and exciting opportunities as well.

The winners of this award have truly gone above and beyond in making an impact on the community. Although very different, these individuals have worked seamlessly as a team. Consistently and tirelessly working to provide not one, but two projects that require a weekly commitment. They have brought in a new demographic of students into the section, collaborated with many projects, and received constant glowing feedback from members of the community, students and staff.

Ana-Maria Bilciu
Special Events - Highly Commended
Lien Nguyen and Dan Holmes - WINNER
Soup Kitchen


The Mayor of Charnwood's Student in the Community Award

An award presented to a student living in town who has made an outstanding contribution to the section. 

The winner of this award is a truly outstanding individual. Being a student in town it is easy to disengage from the union sections, particularly Action, but this individual has been more involved than ever before. They have brought innovative ideas, support and a huge heart to everything they have done across a number of different roles and responsibilities. One nomination said “passion for helping others is infectious and I know the section and Loughborough community will be a sadder place once they are gone”.  They are an upbeat, positive, fun, very talkative person and we will all be sad to see them go.

Community Outreach project leaders
Dan Holmes
Alice Turner - WINNER
Special Events


The Staff Award

To be presented to a staff member who has stood out this year for their contribution to the section.

The award for the highly commended best staff of the year goes to an individual who has been involved with Action, and consistently doing a fantastic job. They are an all round incredible and clearly love the section very much. They are a adored by elderly people, and are the only adult that look fabulous wearing an elf costume.

The winner of the best staff award goes to someone who was engaged with the section even during their time as a student, and it is wonderful to see that their passion has carried on even now that they pay tax.

Victoria Linthwaite - Highly Commended

George Hones - WINNER


Section of the Year

Awarded to the section that has grown and developed the most by the end of the year or made the most significant impact.

The highly commended award goes to a section that has been beyond incredible this year. The quality of project leaders, volunteering opportunities and the all-around development of the section leaves me in awe and admiration. The section has tripled in size, to the point where we were worried we’d have to recruit more project leaders half way through the year. The beauty of this section is not only the amazing impact they’ve had, but how many unengaged students they have welcomed in to Action.


Now onto the winner, the project leaders and the section head have been the most remarkable team, not only have they worked exceptionally hard in ensuring all of their projects run smoothly, but also they have supported each other and collaborated throughout the whole year. Their faces are frequently seen in the Action Office which proves not only their passion for the section but also for Action. They are a fantastic example of everything that is best in Action, and are kind, considerate and passionate about helping others. Their section head has led them with nothing but love, and hard work, putting in extra effort whenever any of them need help, providing them with employability sessions and constant support.

It has been a pleasure to work with them this year and watch them all develop both as volunteers, project leaders and a section.

International - Highly Commended
 Young Persons - WINNER
Community Outreach
Departmental Action
Equality and & Diversity


Action's Lifetime Achievement Award

Awarded to a finalist who has made the most outstanding contribution to Action over their time in the section.

 The winner is a humble, gentle and kind human being. They are typical of the exceptional development this Union can encourage in volunteers. What strikes me most about them is their selflessness – not just as a volunteer, but as a committee member and especially as a friend. They will never say no to someone in need. And they will never be seen to shout about their achievements - but I believe someone should – and I’m ecstatic that I’m being given the chance to now.

This person has achieved a lot in the section. They somehow managed to attend every A-team project for their hall in their first year at University – literally, they did not miss a single one. They’ve served on Action Committee for two years, reinventing their Section and ensuring every special moment that occurs during Action is captured in glorious high-definition with a camera the size of my leg. They organised an event that allowed hundreds of volunteers to coordinate thousands of students that could go on to save countless lives. They’ve spent countless hours helping 5 Action Chairs/VP Actions/Action Eos in the office and around campus. They’ve left an undeniable mark upon the hundreds of students, staff and colleagues that they’ve worked with over the years. And they’ve done this all with care, with passion and with selflessness.

It’s a special honour for me to be here and present this award to them. This person was the first person I ever met at University, nearly 5 years ago. They were the person to encourage me to run for Action Rep, and supported me whenever I needed it. This person has left an impact on me that I’ll struggle to describe, and an impact on this section that goes beyond even that. I’m up here not only because I want to thank this person for everything they’ve done for me, but thank them on behalf of everyone in the room for what they’ve done for this section. This Union would be a lesser place without you.

Kathryn Freeman
Andrew Long
Amy Cockram
Henry Howard - WINNER
Rhys Durham


Action Hero Award

To be presented to a volunteer who embodies everything that Action about and has given their heart to the section

the winner of the Action Hero award embodies everything that this section represents. This individual in my eyes is an exceptional Action Hero, they are there to help anyone and everyone. Their determination to be successful, to make a difference, to engage more students is inspiring. I know they often don’t believe that themselves, but they are an incredible person. This individual has been there to help the section whenever needed. Throughout this year, this individual engaged with many projects, and although it is not about the numbers, they volunteered for over 200 hours without going to an overseas project. I sometimes wonder when they sleep or eat because they truly live and breath Action.  It has been a pleasure to work with them this year, they are a fantastic section head and above all an exceptional volunteer. Their bubbly personality is one that brings a smile to everyone, and I cannot wait to see what they achieve in their years to come, it is great to see that from receiving their best new volunteer award last year this person has done nothing but grow into their role on committee to inspire even more, especially international students to love this section as much as they do.

Lien Nguyen - WINNER

Action EO Award

To be presented to a volunteer who has stood out this year for their contribution to the section.

Before I tell you why this person has won this award, I would like to say a few things about them. They are one of the most dedicated, hard working and passionate individuals I have ever come across within my time in Action . They are kind, selfless and love Action more than anyone I know, and have loved it for the whole time they have been here. This person has the natural gift of inspiring and motivating others, they have been there for their volunteers and project leaders no matter what, and I have experienced first hand just how much they truly care and take on board everything their project leaders need.

The magic of this person is that sometimes their greatest contributions aren’t the typical ones; they recognise and celebrate the smallest of achievements and see the best in every single person. This individual is probably unaware just how much respect they have from all their volunteers, project leaders, and Action as a whole.

I would like to share with you one example where this individual’s kindness still leaves me speechless. On top of everything they have going on, being a finalist, a committee member, project leader, having a job, and somehow finding time to socialise and attend gym, they have taken an afternoon out of their week to wheel an elderly, isolated lady around Loughborough. Mrs Q has had a tough life and lost many of her closest relatives, and seeing just how much this individual has put into making sure that Mrs Q has someone to spend time with is admirable.

At the start of the year, I just knew how amazing this person would be at leading one of the biggest sections in Action, being an incredible project leader and an amazing volunteer because of everything I have heard about them from other people. What I didn’t realise, is that I would end this year with not only a great deal of pride in their accomplishments, but also with a friend for life.

I am honoured to give this award to someone who has excelled at everything they’ve put their heart to, please can we all stand up and put our hands together for the winner of the Action EO award that is of course…

Amy Cockram - WINNER