8th June 2017 General Election

LSU Voter guide

With the General Election around the corner, it is important that you are up to date with everything that is going on and vote when polling opens on 8th June.

We have made a guide for the elections with everything you will need to know, plus some important dates:


* How do I vote?

- Visit:  www.gov.uk/register-to-vote. Remember you need your National Insurance number to register


* I don’t know if I’m registered or not

- You should have received a polling card with information on where to vote and when, if you did not contact your local authority. Charnwood- 01509 634613 / electoral.services@charnwood.gov.uk
or go to: www.yourvotematters.co.uk/register-to-vote/find-your-local-authority
you cannot find out if you’re registered online so make sure you email in or call with plenty of time to spare.

* You can be registered to vote if:

- You’re a UK citizen over the age of 16

-To see if you're eleigable to register go here

You CAN be registered at 2 different addresses but only vote at one

The deadline to register is May 22nd

By Post

* How do I register?

- Fill in a form at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote by 22nd May




Make sure you know who is running in your constituency and what their manifesto is.

For Loughborough We Currently Have:

Nicky Morgan-Conservatives 

Jewel Miah-Labour

Philip Leicester-Green Party

Andy Mcwilliam-UKIP

David Walker-Lib Dem


We are having a debate with candidates running for the Loughborough.  The candidates will be going over their policies and why you should vote for them.

Come down to Room 1 at 17:00 Tuesday 30th May or listen in live on radio.lsu.co.uk. Tweet in any questions using #LSUHustings

Voting rules

In person

* Polling stations will be open 8am -10pm, 8th June so don’t worry if you have an exam that day.

* You will get a polling card stating where your polling station will be open.


By Post

* Deadline for postal votes is May 24th.


Don't Know Whether to vote at uni or at home? See which seats are going to be close at: http://ge2017.com/students 


For any questions go to: www.lboro.ac.uk/news-events/election-registration