Your 2018/19 Exec Team
Rahul MathasingUnion President
Hi, I’m Rahul, your Students’ Union President for 2018-19! My main role is to manage the Executive team here at the Union and help them achieve their goals for the year. I am also the main representative for student matters to the University and am always happy to listen and talk with you on anything you want to change, improve, or just talk about! Make sure to visit us in the offices, even if it’s just to say hi!
Olly NormanVP - Affairs and Development
Hi guys, I’m Olly Norman your Vice President: Affairs and Development for 2018-19! My predominant role is to run all the LSU’s democratic processes; the main feature of which being the Executive Elections. Alongside this, I also help lead the internal structures and affairs of the Union whilst investigating long term development plans for our future. I can’t wait to meet and work with lots of you throughout this coming year!
Rory PearsVP - Finance & Development Executive Officer
Hi, my name is Rory and I’m the Vice President: Finance and Develop for 2018/19 at Loughborough Student’s Union! I oversee the finances of the Executive whilst working alongside the Commercial Services team to deliver the best experience possible for students. Additionally, I help manage the Halls and Departmental Committees as well as upholding the Unions’ disciplinary procedures.
Stu AshtonCollege Executive Officer
Hi, I’m Stu the College Executive Officer for 2018-19! It is my job to be the key contact between Loughborough College and the Students’ Union. My main role is to organise and run the opportunities that Loughborough Students’ Union has to offer within the college and engage our college students with the events that happen at the Union. I also elect and manage the course representatives for the college and manage the communication the college receives about the LSU and University. If there is anything you need to know about the college or if you are a college student wanting to get involved I’m always happy to chat.
Hannah BartonEducation Executive Officer
Hi! I’m Hannah, your Education Executive Officer for 2018-19 I am here to represent your academic interests and make your university experience the best it can be. We’re here for you, so please come by, say hello and get in touch if you have any concerns. I hope you have the best year at Loughborough!
Salomé DoréWelfare & Diversity Executive Officer
Bonjour, I am Salomé Doré, your Welfare & Diversity Executive Officer 2018/19! If you hadn't guessed yet, I am French and just graduated from Loughborough in Communications and Media Studies. As the Welfare & Diversity EO, I am responsible for promoting positive health and wellbeing to YOU, our students, as well as providing under-represented students with a platform to share their experiences and support them in anyway I can.
Nupur NairSocieties Executive Officer
I am Nupur Nair, the Societies Executive Officer at LSU for 2018-19! Societies are student-run groups that offer students the opportunity to continue their hobbies, learn new skills and meet like-minded people and here at LSU, we have over 100+ large number of Societies that you can choose from.
Asha WilliamsRag Executive Officer
Hi! I’m Asha, your Rag Executive Officer for 2018-19! Rag is the section of the Union that deals with charity and student fundraising. Loughborough has the biggest Rag in the country, raising over £1,000,000 annually for the past 9 years. Rag puts on some amazing events throughout the year, from Colour Dash to Beer Keller, as well as offering incredible external opportunities like climbing Kilimanjaro or cycling from London to Paris. Make the most of your university experience and make sure to get involved!
Joel BrocklehurstAction Executive Officer
Hi, I’m Joel Brocklehurst, the Action Executive Officer for 2018/19! Action is the community volunteering section of Loughborough Students’ Union. We offer a wide variety of volunteering opportunities; ranging from dog walking, helping the elderly and young person’s projects, to overseas projects in places like India, Nepal and Uganda (and everything in-between).
Jasmine JefferiesMedia Executive Officer
Hey, I'm Jazz, your Media Executive Officer for 2018/19! I lead Student Media here at LSU – So, if you're feeling creative or have got something to say, we can help you out whether you're experienced or a complete beginner! Feel free to drop us a message or come into the office to say hi and find out what we have got going on - the door is always open! :)
Oren FlynnSport Executive Officer
Hello, I’m your Sport Executive Officer for 2018/19! My job is to represent the views and best interests of students across the sporting offer here at Loughborough, and as Athletic Union President, lead the AU Executive team to improve the experience of our membership. I work in the Student Sport Office upstairs in the Students’ Union building, so if you ever have a question or want to find out about what we do, drop by!
Joshua HopeEnterprise & Employability Executive Officer
Hi I’m Joshua Hope, you’re Enterprise and Employability Executive Officer for 2018-19! In the coming year, my role is to help develop and enhance your skillset to ensure a bright future. Feel free to drop into The Hub to get advice and find out how to be involved!
Kamaldeen IbrahimPostgraduate Executive
Hey there! I’m Kamal, the Postgraduate Executive Officer for 2018/19. My role primarily is to ensure the Postgraduate community here is well Represented, Engaged and Supported. I understand that things tend to get busier than usual during your time here, however, I still strongly urge you to get involved and take advantage of the great opportunities offered by the Union; as well as through networking with the very diverse and vibrant individuals you have around you. I wish you success and I am confident that you will find it an immensely rewarding experience. Feel free to get in touch, I’m as friendly as it gets