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The National Union of Students (NUS) is much more than a card that gets you student discounts; it’s the largest democratic student organisation in Europe!

With 5.5 million members it has far more members than any political party, charity or trade union in the UK. It works to represent students on a national level, lobbying the Government and universities on a wide-range of issues including tuition fees and teaching standards.

Every year the National Union of Students holds a National Conference which sets policy for the NUS for the year ahead in each of the 5 zones and holds NUS elections. It is also where the budget for the year ahead for NUS is decided through the Annual General Meeting (AGM).


The 5 NUS Zones 

Further Education

Covers things that affect the study and development of students in Further Education.

Higher Education

Deals with issues that affect the study and development of students in Higher Education.

Society and Citizenship

Issues that affect students in wider society, the world and student engagement with those areas is worked on.

Union Development

Looks at supporting students’ unions in their role of supporting students and providing them with services.


Decides the work that supports the wellbeing of students in their institutions, their homes and their families.


How Can You Get Involved?

Every year the Union appoints 7 NUS delegates (4 University and 3 College) who represent Loughborough at the National Conference and will help shape policy and collect the views of students in order to vote on motions.

This is a wonderful opportunity to shape the student movement and training will be provided to all delgates.

This year the conference is 19th -21st April and will be held in Brighton. Don't worry however, you will not need to pay for travel or accommodation, this is all part of the package!

Delegates will be elected at the end of January so look out for the Candidates' Pack and nomination information!