Union Complaints Procedure

If you are not happy with anything about the way the Union has dealt with you or a group that you are a part of, this is how to complain.

1. In the first instance any problems or complaints should be referred directly to the staff or officers dealing with the issue so that where possible the problem can be resolved immediately.

2. If there is an issue that cannot be resolved or something to which this principle cannot apply you should email complaints@lsu.co.uk.  If necessary we will contact you for further details. We will try to resolve all the issues within a week; if we can’t we will explain why. If something went wrong we will try to make it right and learn the lessons for the future. We will let you know what we propose to do and ask you if that would resolve the issue, hopefully you will agree with the approach we propose but if you are still not happy see the next point.

3. We will ask you what you propose and this will be reviewed by two executive members who have not previously been involved and a senior manager and we will try to respond with 10 days. We may well ask to meet you to discuss the issue face to face at this point.

4. If you are still unhappy you may refer the matter to the Trustees of the Union by emailing chair@lsu.co.uk. The Trustees include members who are neither officers nor staff of the Union. Unfortunately this process may take up to 10 weeks as the Trustees only meet 6 times a year.

5. If the matter still cannot be resolved you may refer the matter to the University Chief Operating Officer who may in turn refer it to an independent person appointed by University Council in accordance with the provisions of the 1994 Education Act. His/her decision will be final and will be fully complied with by the Union.

The Union takes all complaints very seriously they are systematically recorded and are reported on to the members and trustees as part of our quality systems.