BIG BUCS Wednesday

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Championship Wednesday - 25th March

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W1 Badminton v Leeds // Badminton Centre // 1pm
M1 Badminton v Bath // Badminton Centre // 1pm

Both first teams have had hugely successful seasons as both have won their leagues and dominated BUCS individuals.  Both teams aim to do the treble and reign as the no.1 Badminton Club in the country.




W1 Women's Basketball v Northumbria // SDW // 5.30pm

The girls will go in slight underdogs v Northumbria as the visitors topped their league.  However, the girls did turn Northumbria over at home a few weeks ago so home advantage will count for a lot!



W1 Lacrosse  v Durham // EHB // 3.00pm

After an incredible match v MIT, the girls will be on a high going into their big clash v rivals Durham. Despite 2 losses to them this season, the girls will go in confident hoping to upset the visitors who historically have a poor record at BUCS finals.




W1 Hockey v Birmingham // Waterbase // 3.30pm
M1 Hockey v Nottingham // Waterbase // 6pm

These two fixtures couldn’t be bigger for both sides.  Both local derbies and equally fierce rivals.  The atmosphere down at the Waterbase will be incredible so make sure you grab a spot and support the teams in purple.