Athletic Union Terms and Conditions

Current Terms & Conditions of Membership

Loughborough Students’ Athletic Union


I am aware it is my responsibility to:


1.       Inform the club’s committee/coach/trip organiser of any medical conditions or previous injuries that may affect my safe participation in the sport.


2.       Ensure that I fully understand the exact nature of each activity I undertake, the risks involved, skill levels required and the equipment needed for my safe participation.


3.       Not participate in any activity where I am unsure of any of the aspects mentioned in point 2.


4.       Notify my next of kin of my desire to take part in the sport before engaging in the activity.


5.       Provide a parental consent form if I am under 18.


By purchasing affiliation to the Athletic Union and membership to one of its clubs, I agree to read the club’s Code of Practice and to act in accordance with this, the Club’s Constitution and the following Athletic Union Policies (all available on the ‘Essential Documents’ pages of the AU website


  • Social Events Policy
  • Facility Users Policy (in conjunction with the Sports Development Centre)
  • Union Logo Policy


1.  I also agree that any photographs/videos taken in relation to organised club activities may be used by the Athletic Union, the Students’ Union or Loughborough University for its promotional material at their discretion (no photos of under 18s will be used without specific written parental consent for each instance).

2.  I understand that in the event of my club ceasing to operate for the period of 3 academic years that the funds raised by through membership will be transferred into the central Athletic Union funds to be used to benefit the greater student membership.

3.  I further consent to the Athletic Union sharing details of my club membership and activities with either Loughborough University, Loughborough College, BUCS, NGB or national ranking systems as appropriate.

The AU Affiliation charge includes Endsleigh Platinum cover, which is applicable while taking part in Loughborough Students’ Athletic Union clubs’ organised sports events or in training and practice sessions; cover includes whilst travelling to and from any of these activities. 


Virtually every organised sport and physical recreation activity is covered including all sports recognised by UK Sport.  However, certain activities such as offshore racing, bunjee jumping, fire walking and aviation as a pilot or crew member of a fixed wing or rotary propelled aircraft are not covered.


PLEASE READ OPPOSITE COLUMN CAREFULLY – it is recommended that you obtain additional personal accident insurance cover if you feel this is insufficient for your needs.


Summary of Cover


BENEFIT                                                    BENEFIT AMOUNT

Accidental death                                     £25,000

Permanent Disabling injuries                up to £50,000

Temporary Total Disablement              £40 per week  (exc the first 7 days

                                                                    benefit period 52 weeks)               

Loss of earnings                                     £65 per week (exc the first 7 days

                                                                    Benefit period 26 weeks)                                                                                      

Hospital Confinement                          £20 per day (benefit period  120 


Emergency Travel                                   up to £150

Dental expenses                                      up to £600

Examination Re-Sit Expenses               up to £2,500

Coma                                                       £140 per week (exc first 14 days

                                                                  benefit period 52 weeks)

Medical Certificate Expense               Up to £40 per certificate


Please direct any queries on the Terms & Conditions to the Athletic Union,