Volunteer to rebuild schools in the Helambu region, Nepal and help underprivileged children 
whose lives were severely affected by the 2015 earthquakes

In Spring 2016 and 2017 (above), LSU volunteers raised money to help rebuild a girls hostel building in Timbu village.
The facility is now complete and over 40 girls are staying at the boarding house (below).

"Please sign up for this once in a lifetime project! It was such a privilege for me to experience the life in Nepal last year and to witness the reconstruction and development taking place there following the 2015 earthquakes. Going on this trip will make a huge impact on the many schools and families that MondoChallenge and the Helambu Education and Livelihood Partnership (HELP) support, as well as being very rewarding for you too. We will help you with your fundraising from the beginning, so don't be put off by the cost!" - Chris, 2016+17 Volunteer and 2018 Project Leader

"Nepal was an amazing trip which brought so many students together. As a very un-engaged student, Nepal not only allowed me to volunteer but to open my eyes to all the opportunities Action and LSU have to offer. As a team, we all got on so well and the project was an amazing success in finishing off the hostel for the young girls." - nomination for Project of the Year


2018 Project description
This will be the 5th year Action volunteers have worked with the MondoChallenge Foundation (Mondo), a UK charity which has been working for the past 12 years to improve the quality of education in government schools in remote villages of the Helambu region, located in the foothills of the Himalayas.  

Since the devastating April 2015 earthquakes that hit Nepal, destroying over 500 schools and killing hundreds of children in the Sindhupalchowk District, Mondo has delivered emergency supplies and shelter to 3000 families in the region as well as completing 220 Temporary Learning Centres in 45 villages. They have also fully rebuilt twelve schools, two of which Action volunteers helped complete in Easter 2016 and 2017.

There are three more schools to be rebuilt as per the agreement signed with the Nepal Government and Mondo are keen to help rebuild the classrooms and damaged facilities sooner than later. As Mondo go on to do this, they will need all the help we can get and the support of Action volunteers is crucial to this.

For Easter 2018, Mondo proposes that LSU Action volunteers further support the school reconstruction projects:

"We plan to involve the volunteers in two schools; one at Shree Kiulethane Basic School, Gufa and another at Shree BhotangDevi Secondary School, Bhotang. The principal duty will be to help complete on-going school rebuilding. Actions to undertake will be much similar to previous years, such as classroom painting, building fences and setting up classrooms with furniture for children to move to new classrooms soon after. Volunteers will have the opportunity to work side by side with local people, fully immerse into unique Nepalese communities and culture, and explore Nepal’s unbeatable natural beauty through a range of exciting activities."

For more info about the MondoChallenge Foundation, please contact Stephen Carrick-Davies at or visit:

The 2017 Project

15 Action volunteers travelled to Nepal as part of the 2017 trip. We stayed from the 3rd April to the 24th April 2017.


The Nepal trip can also include the opportunity to distribute school bags and educational supplies to children under the School in A Bag project (above). To read the Helambu Education and Livelihood Partnership (HELP) report on the 2016 trip (above), visit the Charity's official blog here.

Seonni (2017 Project Leader), Anthony (MondoChallenge Founder) and Chris (2017 Project Leader)

The cost for the 3 week Easter 2018 volunteering trip is £1,300. This covers:

  • 12-15 days of project work in Helambu
  • One week of sightseeing in Kathmandu, Pokhara and surrounding parts
  • All internal travel, food (2-3 meals per day), accommodation and local guides. 
  • Post-project excursions: Whitewater rafting, Chitwan National Park with Elephants, Crocodiles, Hippopotamuses, Ox Cart tour and Jeep Safari. (Prices are flexible if you don't want to do these)

Not covered:

  • Flights (Approx. £500)
  • Visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Any vaccinations you might need

If you would like to view the 2017 presentation please click here.

For further information please contact either Seonni Patel or Chris Nixon, the 2017/18 Project Leaders:


This project requires you to have a DBS certificate. For information on the DBS certificate please CLICK HERE


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