Action Scouts

Action Scouts is a project aimed at supporting Loughborough Scout District who are part of the wider, national charity: The Scouts- the largest youth charity in the UK which prides itself on providing unique experiences to children and young adults 6-25 years of age regardless of their socioeconomic status, religion, race, disabilities, sexuality or gender.  The Scouts are promoting #skills4life, as shown in the video: 

Do you have to be a Scout? 

Absoloutely not, in fact, most of the volunteers that take part have never considered Scouts before volunteering with the project!  We provide all the training required, and we don't ask you to wear a uniform or neckerchief (unless you want to!) but there is always the chance to earn a badge or two along the way.  You can even get involved if you're not quite 18 yet! 

If you are consistently volunteering with us, then we will ask that you complete an Action DBS, and complete a Scouts Safeguarding training, however this is not strenuous and can be done in your own time. 

How does it all work? 

We support the local district by: 

Individual and one off events or trips to individual scout groups outside of the Scout Hut:  


Over the past year we have given support to a huge range of to local groups to go on trips, run evenings, and hold collaborations. 

We took a Scout Group to RAF Cosford, where the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts worked through an activity booklet and completed their air activities badge along the way learning about aeronautical engineering, and history! It was a great day out, with the Beavers being particularly excited by the Hercules and the flight simulator where they 'got to drive a plane'! 


A group of Beavers (6-8 year olds) and Cubs (8-10 year olds) were treated to a trip to the Apple Store in Leciester.  They got to grips with a sphero, and try and use drag and drop code to get their gyroscopic ball around a course.  Each volunteer got a freebie (bright yellow) apple t shirt from it, as well as a free action t shirt!! 

We also took Beavers bowling, helped take a Scout group to the Loughborough STEM community day, and hopefully more fun and exciting events are on the horizon for this academic year! Keep an eye on our Facebook Group to sign up for these oppotunities! 

Providing Scout Group's with one off workshops or presentations: 

Last year we supported a Scout Group with their digital citizen's badge through linking them with LSUTV, where Beavers had a taste of what life was like both in front of and behind the camera and the Action project: Kid's cooking dropped in to help show them how to make pizza's from scratch (a useful life skill for any student!).  You don't have to be part of a society: if you have an interest/hobby, or what to share more about your course then get in touch with one of the project leaders and we can help you build a workshop for any of the four age groups!  

Supporting district events: 

District events are big one off days, mornings or afternoons where Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or/and Explorers get together for activities that could work towards a badge, or just be for fun! Last year, Action Scouts grouped together a collaborative of Robogals, and roped in a student with magical skills who kept young people of all ages enthralled with his magic tricks! 


District events will form the basis of our upcoming projects with district sized badge days, and a district Cub/Scout Jamboree on the internet. 

Supporting the local campsite: 

Our final way to help, is taking groups of students to The Oaks Campsite to help with a variety of DIY tasks, keeping the site maintained for Scout Groups across the United Kingdom to use for various types of camps and activities.

We will be aiming to run more of these sessions into the new year, so stay tuned on our facebook group for opportunities! 





Sounds good... so how do I get involved? 


There are lots of ways to get involved: come and find us at pick a project night on 11th October, and joining our Facebook Group: where we will be posting the latest opportunities and sign ups.  

Alternatively feel free to drop myself, or the other project leader luke perry an email or facebook message: or