Action Enterprise

Action Enterprise

This exciting project set up by LSU Action with the assistance of the School of Business and Economics is designed to improve the employability skills and business knowledge of high school and college students through interactive activities and workshops. We will run various workshops and online tutorials including (but not limited to):

  • CV Workshops
  • Design an App
  • Create a Product
  • The UK Economy
  • UK Politics
  • Career Options

We will inspire the students to talk about business and engage with their future career options. 

We will teach them about the business, economic and political environment in the UK. 

We will develop their employability skills, whilst developing your own as a volunteer - with opportunities to present and lead.

Join LSU Action in having an impact on the community and giving the pupils the best start in life by enhancing their skill set.

Action Enterprise
Inspire | Teach | Develop


This project requires a DBS certificate. Click here to find out more about the DBS certificate and how to apply for one.


For further informtion please contact Project Leader:

Vineet Peety