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Education Priorities 2013-2014 Update

Student Voice, along with the VP:Education and the Exec team have been working on 10 education priorities for the year. To keep you updated on our progress with these, we have created Education Priorities Updates.

Student Charter

The Student Charter is a brand new document being released this year. The Students Union have been working hand in hand with the University to make sure that the student voice has been heard and considered at every stage of this document being put together.

This document tells you what you can expect to receive from the University and what you are expected to do in return. The hope is that this document will play a part in making your education one of the best on offer.

Each year the Union President will have a chance to discuss this document and agree to it on your behalf so if there is anything you don’t agree with, or things you think should be included on the Charter, let us know by emailing Amy Ward VP: Education at 

To view the Charter please click here

Academic Summit

Click here to read the full report on the first ever Academic Summit.