What are Programme Reps?

Programme reps are students who are elected by their peers to represent all students on their particular course.


Each year we have around 450 programme reps giving them the potential to be one of the most influential groups on the campus.

We really recommend that you take advantage of this great opportunity and get involved and become Programme Reps; it is a great opportunity to become part of a team, and enhance your CV whilst being at the forefront of educational developments at Loughborough. Becoming a Programme Rep leads to future opportunity’s, for example the chance to become a Programme President.

Programme reps are the main point of call for students who have problems, issue or ideas relating to their course. Programme reps voice these views at Staff Student Liaison Committee meetings which occur termly. At these meetings a number of academic staff meets with Programme Reps to help overcome problems students encounter over the academic year. In addition to this Programme Reps receive Department specific training and a Department specific resource pack which is given to assist them with their role throughout the year. On-going guidance and support is provided by the VP Education and Student Voice.


Opportunity profile

The basic outline of the job role can be found here Undergrad; Postgrad; the opportunity profile describes the main roles and responsibilities a Programme Rep would have.
If you want to know more about what it is like to be a Programme Rep, or what you can gain from being a Programme Rep, check out the results of the Programme Rep survey 


Who is your Programme Rep?

You can find who is your Programme Rep at http://www.lsu.co.uk/youreducation/programmereps/. The reps are listed by department/school.

If you have any queries regarding your course or your course is not listed, please contact either; VP Education; Becky Lauder-Fletcher at vpeducation@lsu.co.uk or Emma Dresser; Student Voice at emmadresser@lsu.co.uk


Your Education Award


Are you an experienced Rep? Or a Programme President? Do you want to take your Rep role further? Then you should consider signing up for the Your Education Award.


For more information, and to sign up, click here.




Past Events



Information on previous Programme Rep Conferences can be found HERE


Programme Reps Newsletters Archive

May 2014 Issue

February 2014 Issue
December 2013 Issue


Past issues can be found HERE


NUS Connect

Click here for NUS connect. Here you can find out more information about Programme Reps. It offers ideas, advice and additional resources to those we have already given you at Loughborough for example ‘supporting course reps’ and ‘becoming a course rep’.


Programme Rep Resources 

Did you miss the 2013-2014 training, or do you want to review what we went through in the session? Click HERE to view the slides used during training.


Have you attended an SSLC meeting? if so we want to know how it went, click HERE to complete the SSLC form and email it back to us


Did you know that this year we have put together a handbook for every single School / Department? There is loads of useful information in there such as key contacts, SSLC dates and lots of other things. click on your School/Department below to view your handbook.


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Not sure who your Academic Librarian is?

Click HERE to download a list (.docx) or visit www.lboro.ac.uk/library/about/StaffList.html for a full list of University Library Staff.