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Teacher Education Unit Wolfson Programme Rep Guide

We have over 500 Programme Reps and they are therefore potentially one of the most influential groups on campus. The University takes the student voice very seriously and Programme Reps are in a position to influence the future of learning and teaching for students doing your course.

This could range from altering the way modules are run to addressing short term issues such as the LEARN server or lecture facilities.

Programme Rep Elections

Nominations for Programme Rep elections open from 29th September 2014

To find out more on becoming a Programme Rep and elections process, click on your relevant Department above.

If you have any questions, talk to your Programme President or drop an email to either-

If you are a Rep and want more information on meetings, training documents and the Rep support provided by Student Voice please visit the Programme Reps Guide page.

Programme Rep Team Awards

Programme Rep Team of the Term

Congratulations to the Maths Programme Rep Team for winning Programme Rep Team of the Term!

Programme Rep Team of the Year

Congratulations to the Wolfson Programme Rep Team for winning Programme Rep Team of the Year 2013/2014!