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Hi! I am Louise, the Programme President for the School of Civil and Building Engineering for 2013-2014 .Louise Batts


My job as Programme President is to ensure the student voice is heard with regards to academic and teaching matters, therefore making the School of Civil and Building Engineering as succesful as possible!


I am a MEng Civil Engineering student at school of Civil and Building Engineering and my main aim is to ensure that all Civil and Building students have a positive academic experience here at Loughborough. The students have the opportunity to raise opinions and concerns by communicating with their Programme Reps. My role is to coordinate the Reps and represent the student body to the rest of Loughborough University.


Your views are translated into real changes to your course, be it methods of assessment, types of learning resources available or the very existence of modules, the Civil and Building Engineering Department is always eager to listen to our opinions and ideas. We are extremely fortunate to already have such a supportive and encouraging department, but are still always looking for ways to improve. The following are a couple of my personal aims over the next coming year:


-Ensure integration of new technology software (such as BIM) into degree programmes

-Encourage a greater attendance of reps to the SSC meetings

-Make representatives more responsible for their education for £9000 fees.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me, or any of your Programme Representatives. You can use the contact form below.


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