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Education Priorities

Student Voice, along with the VP:Education and Exec team have compiled a range of research  to outline our 10 priorities for the year ahead. We are hoping to work in partnership with the University on these over the coming year and will update you regularly on progress.

  1. Work with the university to improve student partnership

  3. Students should be provided with more contact time, especially small group contact time

  5. Lecturers should have minimum office hours and this should be published via Learn

  7. Training and support should be provided for lecturers who are identified as having difficulty with communications skills

  9. Feedback should be received within 3 term time weeks of submission deadline. Marked exam scripts should also be returned

  11. There should be an institution wide commitment to using technology in teaching

  13. Students should be provided with all resources they need for their course and hidden costs should be eliminated

  15. Students should be involved in the recruitment of new lecturers

  17. The Union and University should investigate peer assisted learning as a way of supporting students

  19. We should launch a new Student Led Teaching awards with a high profile awards night