Education Priorities

Student Voice, along with the VP:Education and Exec team have compiled a range of research  to outline our 10 priorities for the year ahead. We are hoping to work in partnership with the University on these over the coming year and will update you regularly on progress.

  1. Library opening hours should be extended so students have access to learning resources and learning spaces at the times they need

  3. All timetables, including those for lectures and exams should be provided to students no later than 3 weeks before the timetable is due to commence

  5. Work should be done to investigate the implementation of an additional exam location to minimise exam bunching

  7. Students should be provided with more contact time, especially small group contact time

  9. Lecturers should have minimum office/online contact hours and this should be published to students via Learn

  11. All modules should be supported with a suite of learning resources hosted on Learn, for example discussion forums, quizzes, relevant reading, and recording of lectures

  13. Clarity should be provided to ensure all student and academics are aware of responsibilities and opportunities within personal tutoring. Further to this an additional point of contact should be provided where a student feels they are not receiving the level of support they need from their personal tutor that they should

  15. Hidden course costs should be eliminated across the institution (hidden costs are classified as costs incurred for trips, equipment etc. that are mandatory for the course)

  17. All students should be provided with personal development opportunities that complement their academic studies

  19. Work with the University to recognise, praise and spread great teaching practice – Loughborough Legend Award