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Say hello to the 2013/14 SCOGUI Committee!!!

To send a message to all of committee – email committee[@]

Please note: when emailing a member of committee, remember to remover the brackets around the “@” sign!



Name: Thomas Chapman
Email: chair[@]
About Me:
Hi my name is Tom, but everyone just calls me Chapman. I'm currently a 4th year Chemical Engineer and this is my 3rd year on the SCOGUI Committee having served as both Vice Chair and Treasurer. I have been a member of the Scout Association since I was 7 and have made many friends and done many fun things along the way. As Chair it is my job to keep the club moving forward and to ensure that everyone has the best time they possibly can.

Vice Chair


Name: Katie Rushton
Email: vicechair[@]
About Me:
Hi, I’m Katie, the Vice Chair this year but I’ve also been Liaisons Officer. I’m currently in second year studying Geography , or as everyone else calls it ‘colouring in’. I’ve been in Guiding since rainbows at the age of 4 and I’m still involved as a Leader in Loughborough. I love SCOGUI because of all the fun things we do and the great people in the club



Name: Rosie Jones
Email: secretary[@]
About Me:
Hello, I’m Rosie the club’s Secretary. I’m in my 4th year studying Chemical Engineering and am currently working with the Biological Engineering department playing with cell culture. As Secretary I’m the one to go to if anyone needs a room booking or can’t remember what has been discussed in the committee meetings as I’m the minute taker. For my sins, I was only briefly a member of Brownies as a kid but joined SCOGUI because of the variety of activities and the fun-loving people. I have been a member for three years now and keep coming back for more!



Name: Max Bernstein
Email: treasurer[@]
About Me:
Hi there, I’m Max your SCOGUI treasurer for year! It’s my job to keep an eye on the money and keep SCOGUI financially secure! I’ve been here a year so far and I’m really enjoying myself and trying out lots of new and exciting activities that only SCOGUI would ever do. I’ve been a part of the scouting movement since the age of 6 and wouldn’t change it for anything. Come and have some fun with SCOGUI, you know you want to!



Name: Krupa Nandha
Email: publicity[@]
About Me:
Hi, I’m Krupa your SCOGUI Publicity Officer! I’m currently in my 2nd year of studying International Business and previously I was the club’s Freshers Rep. My job is to look after the club’s website, Facebook and Twitter accounts! I also get to do some cool things like: designing the hoodies for the year, making the fresher’s promotional video and organising Annual Dinner. I have been in scouting/ guiding for many years: I started out as a Brownie and then re-joined as a Young Leader at my local scout troop a few years ago and now am a Scout Leader there! I’ve loved every minute of being in SCOGUI and I’m sure you will too! If you have any questions feel free to get in touch!



Name: Ben Jackson 
Email: Liaisons[@]

Hi, my name is Ben. I am the liaisons officer for this year as well as a first year Civil Engineering student. I started in the Scouting movement as a Beaver and now I help out as an assistant leader for a Cub pack. As liaisons officer I will keep in contact with the local community and pass on any opportunities, so contact me if you want to get involved in anything..



Name: Ross Loades
Email: qm[@]
About Me:
HI I’m Ross, and I am SCOGUI’s Quartermaster, among also being a first year Systems Engineer. I haven’t been in Scouting long, since becoming a leader at the essex jamboree, in August 2012. I am in charge of spending a portion of SCOGUI’s money on cool stuff that people might want to use! I enjoy making stuff, and to an extent repairing stuff, all relevant to my role. SCOGUI is a great club to belong to, we like trying new stuff, so come and try it out!!

Freshers Rep


Name: Frances Stephens
Email: freshers[@]
About Me:
Hi my name is Frances, and I am a first year Civil Engineer. I started out as a Rainbow and have been all the way through Guiding and I am now a qualified Adult Leader with Guides. As Freshers Rep I am here to help any new SCOGUI members and to organise Freshers activities. If you need any help let me know.