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2014/15 SCOGUI Committee

To see the list of Scogui Committee Members from the past, click here



Name: Robert Luff
Email: chair@scogui.org.uk
About Me: Good day to you internet user, congratulations of finding the SCOGUI website! Being Chair means that I am here for the club, so any constructive ideas or suggestions then just let me know. If you are looking to do an activity with SCOGUI then feel free to contact me, or if you are a member then grab me at one of the events and have a chat. SCOGUI is a great group of people who do interesting and cool activities. So a little about me… I have been involved with Scouting for many years and when I found out that SCOGUI did many of the activities I had grown up with, as well as things I had never tried, I jumped at the opportunity. I am currently studying for a PhD in Systems Engineering after completing a MEng at Loughborough. SCOGUI has given me some of the best times I have had while at university and so as Chair I endeavour to keep the club moving in the direction that the members wish, so we can continue to improve the SCOGUI experience!

Vice Chair



Name: Laura Mallinson
Email: vicechair@scogui.org.uk
About Me: Hello, I'm Laura and I'm Vice Chair for this year and I'm a first year student studying BSc Mathematics, yes, Maths. I've been a memeber of GirlGuiding since starting Rainbows and I'm still an Assistant Leader back at my Guide Unit in Shirley as well as being a Senior Section member. 



Name: KJ Duncumb
Email: secretary@scogui.org.uk
About Me: Ah, you must be a potential SCOGUI member! I’m KJ (yes, just two letters) the SCOGUI secretary this year, ready to prod you for paperwork and make sure that meetings are recorded for prosperity (or something like that!). I want to make sure that SCOGUI runs smoothly, and if I can’t help personally I should be able to point you in the direction of someone who can!
I’m studying Materials Engineering, which means I really enjoy investigating interesting packaging (amongst other materials-y things!), and reside in the library most of the time if you need me!



Name: Eireni Moutoussi
Email: treasurer@scogui.org.uk
About Me: Hello! My name is Eireni (said Ee-ree-nee) and I am in charge of anything money-wise for scogui. I’m in my second year of Graphics and Illustration and am most interested in stuff to do with film and animation. I was also here for foundation Art, so I’ve actually been here for 3 years… I’ve never done guiding or anything like that before I joined uni, but it seems like good fun here, despite how confused I get at certain customs!



Name: Anna McDonald
Email: publicity@scogui.org.uk
About Me: Hi, I’m Anna the Publicity Officer for ScoGui! It’s my job to make sure ScoGui are decked out in all our finery and kept up to date with what we’re up to through twitter and facebook! Currently, I’m in my Second Year of BA Graphic Communication and Illustration – also known as “Arty Typography Stuff”. I’ve been in Guiding since I was a Brownie and still help out with my Unit back in London, where I am known as “Lemur”; however, I’m best known in SSAGO for my Laugh. Do not worry, you’ll meet it soon enough. If you’ve got any questions or just want a chat come and find me. I don’t bite, just get very muddy on camps.



Name: Frances Stephens
Email: liaisons@scogui.org.uk

Greetings everyone, I am Frances and I am studying civil engineering. My role is the Liaisons Officer, which means that I keep you up to date with information. I am the one who sends out the weekly e-mails and puts you in contact with local Guiding/scouting Units. If you want to get involved just drop me a line and I will do my best to sort it. If you have anything for the weekly e-mail please send it the sunday before it goes out. I’ve also been in Guiding since I was a Rainbow. I hope you enjoy your time with scogui, I know I have so far.



Name: Ross Loades
Email: qm@scogui.org.uk
About Me: Greeting! I am Ross, I liked being Quartermaster so much, and I chose to do it a second year in a row! As you QM I am in charge of looking after and lending out the club’s equipment to members for activities and camps. I have been involved in Scouting since August 2012, when I was thrown into being a leader at Essex Jamboree! I am a third year Systems Engineer, soon to go into my third year. I enjoy repairing stuff and making stuff, all of which helps me be your QM!

Freshers Rep


Name: Alice Berry
Email: freshers@scogui.org.uk
About Me: Hi, I’m Alice and I am your SCOGUI Fresher’s rep! I am currently in my third year studying Geography and Sport Management. ?I grew up in Germany and was lucky enough to have the opportunity to join both the American Girl Scouts as a Daisy and later the English Brownies and Guides. I love being part of SCOGUI as you get to try so many different activities and have fun. As Fresher’s rep I organize activities such as the Fresher’s camp and help any new SCOGUI members.