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We are Loughborough Students Scout and Guide Club, known nationally as ‘SCOGUI’. It's hard to describe exactly what SCOGUI does, because we have a go at almost anything; but basically, we love to have fun, go on adventures, and challenge ourselves to try new things. Whether or not you've been a Guide or a Scout before doesn't matter at all!




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Email publicity@scogui.org.uk with any questions you have about SCOGUI. It doesn't matter if you want to ask about joining, the webpages, or just more information, we'll be happy to answer you.


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Please note: Some SCOGUI activities take place at Scout and Guide sites shared with children. Under the rules of the national organisation (SSAGO) all potential members are required to have a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check (formerly known as a CRB) done by SSAGO. SSAGO then have the right to decline membership to anyone whose DBS check shows anything they (SSAGO) feel is a risk to children.








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