Motorcycle Club (defunct)

Garage Use Policy


  1. Students must not use toilets anywhere other than the designated locations. Using areas outside or in the brook is unacceptable and if any member is found to be doing this, societies/clubs will be fined at the discretion of the Student Activities Officer/AU President (starting at £50).
  2. Societies/clubs should only use the car park spaces that are allocated to them.
  3. Any unauthorised cars found using the area will be answerable to University Estates/Security.
  4. Any substances that come out of a vehicle or bike must be cleared up immediately according to the appropriate guidelines.
  5. All rubbish must be disposed of according to LSU environmental guidelines.
  6. It is forbidden for any member of any club or society to work in the garage area alone. Anybody caught doing so will have action taken against them at the discretion of the Exec Officers. Caution notices (triangular roadwork pattern signage) is to be posted at each access into the area when the students are working within the zone.

Harmful Substances/Flammable Liquids

  1. All flammable liquids (i.e. petrol) should be locked inside a cabinet, when not in use. All such cabinets should have a ‘Flammable’ sticker or label clearly printed on the front.
  2. The recommendations of all COSHH data sheets must be adhered. The data sheets are to be kept in your garages and copies are kept with the appropriate section administrator at the Student’s Union.
  3. You must have the relevant fire extinguishers for the substances in your COSHH records.
  4. Fire extinguishers must be kept up to date. If you use a fire extinguisher you must inform LSU via the section administrators within 24 hours.
  5. The Propane Canister must have Caution signs and warnings around the cage of the highly flammable substance.
  6. Clubs & Societies should work together to ensure that no electrical/gas equipment is in use, at the same time as the Propane Gas Tank.
  7. It is the responsibility of the clubs and societies to maintain their substances and fire extinguishers and to inform LSU of any issues of any changes.  

Equipment/safe use

1.                   The garages are the property of Loughborough University who loan them to LSU for use by Union clubs and societies.
2.                   The 4 garages in question are currently used by LSU Hot Air Balloon Club, LSU Motor Club, LSU Kart Club and LSU Motorcycle Club.
3.                   If any of the above clubs cease to function LSU may offer the facility to another club or society subject to approval from Loughborough University.
4.                   All club equipment stored in the garage is the property of LSU (acting on behalf of the student membership), not of any individual member. If any member does have personal property stored in the garage it is at their own risk and is not covered by LSU insurance.  
5.                   All equipment must be well maintained and regularly checked for safety purposes. All electrical equipment must be PA tested annually by LSU.   LSU will undertake random audits of the garages, without notice, and the committee will be notified of any actions that need to be taken to rectify any breaches of Health & Safety legislation.  
6.                   If any club member is concerned about any aspect of safety relating to use of the garages or equipment, they should discuss it with a committee member or come straight to the Union to raise their concerns with either the Vice President Democracy & Internal Affairs (elected officer) or the appropriate section administrator (a fulltime staff member).
7.                   All garages will have full Risk Assessments which are subject to audit and where appropriate individual pieces of equipment must have there own risk assessment. If a club or society purchases a new piece of equipment they must inform LSU immediately so that a Risk Assessment audit can be conducted.


8.                   The appropriate section administrator will maintain a record of who is issued with garage keys. This record will consist of the student member’s name, University/College ID number, email address and mobile number.
9.                   Each club is issued with a total of 4 keys for their garage. A committee member must sign for these keys every year in February/March at the changeover of committees.
10.               Committee members may issue 3 of the 4 keys to fully paid up members of the club, (one key must always remain in the possession of a committee member) but they must keep a record of the individuals’ names, University/College ID number, email address and phone number and must give this information to the appropriate sections administrator. This means that at all times both the committee and LSU know exactly who has a key to the garage.
11.               Members may not pass the key on from one to another and any member who does so without the committee being consulted may have their club membership cancelled by the club and/or LSU.
12.               If anyone loses a key / has one stolen, they must notify the Student Activities Officer or AU President at LSU immediately, and LSU will then liaise with the University for replacement locks.
13.               Because of security concerns, lost keys will require a complete change of locks and the club will be liable to pay all costs from their NatWest Account (not their Union Grant Account). If there are insufficient funds in the NatWest Account to cover these costs LSU reserves the right to seek full repayment from the committee member who is the then current signatory on LSU’s key list.
14.               At the end of every academic year, the committee signatory is responsible for recalling all keys issued to members who are graduating or going on a year out.
15.               Any vehicles kept in the garage space area over the summer holidays are at the discretion of the Exec Officers.
Every fortnight, an inspection of the Garage area will be undertaken by the Student’s Union, in order to ensure that this policy is being adhered to. The inspections will be spontaneous and no warning will be issued.