Further details on Campaigning & Fundraising and Where we meet


We are a student society interested in collective gardening as a political practice, we frequently organize workshops on gardening and foraging, we grow our own vegtables and harvest the campus, we promote political action on campus and in town and we collaborate with related on and off campus groups.


  1. 1. We are the only society with its own land on campus
  2. 2. Its up to us to develop and make the most of it
  3. 3. We democratically decide how to develop the plot
  4. 4. We grow our own food and forage the campus
  5. 5. We produce Apple Juice, Cider and Preserves
  6. 6. We have discussions on art, sustainability, gardening and politics
  7. 7. We are activily involved in collaboration porjects with other societies, university staff and Loughorough community group


There are absolutely no requirments, and it is open to everyone. You don't need any skills, and you will pick up everything along the way. If you do have skills - that's brilliant and hopefully they can be shared with everyone in the group. We meet on Friday at 16.00 at the Shed to create new ideas and building on existing ones while drinking tea!



Find 'The Shed' and Garden at maps.lboro.ac.uk/place/the-shed/

         Join our facebook page Loughborough Students Landscaping and Gardening Society to keep up to date with all the discussion



Email: landscapinglufbra@gmail.com

Phone Number: 07858770517


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