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LAN 52

This is the next LAN in our busy Calendar which is taking place from 8pm on Friday 15th May to 6pm on Sunday 17th May.

We have visitors from DMU Computer Society visiting, as well as a host of tournaments and games to play, with board games ran by RAWs, free cake and BBQ!

To find out more or to buy a ticket for the event head to!

See some of our videos from lan parties at

LAN Parties

With 6 (sometimes more!) LAN parties hosted per year, LSUCS LAN parties are the highlight of our calendar! LAN parties run from 8pm Friday to 6pm Sunday, held in the James France Exhibition Hall. We can currently accommodate up to 200 gamers. To find out when our next LAN is, or to book your ticket, visit our LAN Website.

During LANs, we run multiple tournaments; over the years these have included Team Fortress 2 6v6 and Highlander, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Left 4 Dead 2 Scavenger/Versus, DoTA2, League of Legends and our very own Iron LAN. Prizes are offered for our main tournaments, which change each LAN, and are awarded at the end of the party.

Over the weekend there are an array of non-gaming orientated competitions to keep you entertained, such as the traditional CompSoc style pub quiz and a Magic the Gathering Draft. We also have a tuck shop offering a range of hot and cold drinks, sweets, and hot dogs - including a free hot dog for every attendee! There is also a society pizza and chip shop order placed on the Saturday Night, delivered in time for the Pub Quiz.

For more details about LAN Events visit our LAN website at
Tickets are £10 for members, and £16 for non-members.