Being a member of Loughborough Students’ Union

All current students at the University, College or RNIB College are automatically members of Loughborough Students’ Union.


Benefits of membership

·         Ability to join any one of 55 Athletic Union clubs, 99 Societies, award winning Action, record beating Rag, career enhancing Media or life enhancing Welafe and Diversity sections.

·         Access to Students’ Union entertainments at student prices.

·         The chance to buy an NUS extra card

·         Knowing there is somewhere you can turn to for help

The more you get involved in Loughborough Students' Union, the more you'll get from your membership.


If you are having difficulties with your login, please email


Life Membership

For any past student members, you can become a Life Member for free, email with your name, dob, current postal address and your old ID number.  Once your past student status has been verified, your account will be activated, please allow at least one working day before they register in the system.


Associate Members

Staff (from the University, College and RNIB Vocational College), Spouses of current students or staff, other NUS Students and local residents can purchase (£20 per annum) an associate account from us, email


Previous Life Members

If you currently have an existing Loughborough Life Membership from previous years, and either require a log in or help logging in, please email You must include in the email: Life Membership id number, first and family name, DOB and home address.