Hello Loughborough,

Firstly, if you are reading this having just cemented your place at Loughborough University, then congratulations and we look forward to welcoming you in September!

My name is Dan Thomas and I am the HSF (Hall Students Federation) President for 2013-2014. Along with my Vice chair - Rachael Stone, we oversee a lot of what goes on within the unique and very successful hall system at Loughborough Uni.

The HSF's main aim is to ensure that all members are constantly communicating, in order to improve and develop the key aspects of hall life, and strive to make each individual hall as incredible as it possibly can be.

It's safe to say that Loughborough does things very differently to the majority of other Universities. Each hall is run by their own committee - a group of students (who you will meet on arrival) responsible for different areas such as sport, media, volunteering in the community, and so on. Each area, and each committee as a whole, relies greatly on the work put in by all members sitting on the Hall Students Federation, which makes it a vital part of Loughborough University.

So, who sits on HSF?

HSF President 
HSF Vice president
HSF Secretary

The hall chairs from each of the 15 halls across campus, who are responsible for managing their hall's committee and overseeing the running of their respective halls
Chair of Social secretaries
Chair of IMS (Intramural Sport)
Chair of FREEC representatives
Chair of Treasurers
Chair of Stash representatives
Representative from the Students Union Executive team
Representative from RAG committee
Representative from Action committee
Representative from Welfare & Diversity committee
Representative from Media committee

HSF is here to make sure that all the halls are co-ordinated and up to date with all the relevant information, but we are also here if you feel there is a problem with anything related to your hall. If you feel this is the case and it can not be dealt with internally, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at hsfpresident@lsu.co.uk.

On behalf of everyone on HSF, I hope you all enjoy a very successful year!

Dan Thomas
Hall Students Federation President 2013-14


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