Hello and congratulations on gaining a place at Loughborough University. It is one of the most enjoyable universities in the country and you will have an unforgettable time here.


Loughborough offers unique student opportunities and this is largely due to the hall system it has in place. Your hall will become your family; each one having its own characteristics and traditions but all of them providing an unbelievable experience. Every hall competes in various inter-hall competitions such as IMS (sports), Action (volunteering) and RAG (raising money for charity) and many more including the legendary Sing-Off during Freshers. These competitions earn points for the Hall and culminate in the prestigious “Hall of the Year” trophy. William Morris were victorious last year so everybody else will be looking to knock them off their perch!


Each Hall is run by a Committee – students who work hard with the hall Warden and Sub-Wardens to ensure that you have everything you need. They have organised your Freshers fortnight for you and it’s largely thanks to them that you are going to have the time of your life. Each committee member has a specific role and will do their best to get your hall to the top in their section. The Hall Chair oversees the committee and makes sure the hall is performing to the best of its ability. Right from your first year you will have the opportunity to run for a hall committee position during a special “Hustings” campaign period. Becoming a committee member is arguably the most rewarding thing you can do during your time at Loughborough so make sure you get involved!


HSF stands for Hall Students Federation and we are the student body that represents every student living in or affiliated to a Hall. We work hard to act as a link between the Halls and the Union Exec and University to ensure that each student is being accounted for and getting the most out of their time here. HSF consists of each Hall Chair and Section Head/ Representative and we meet bi-weekly with a member of the Exec. Information is relayed to each Hall Chair who in turn passes it on to their committees and feed it back accordingly to you. HSF's main aim is therefore to ensure that all members are constantly communicating in order to improve and develop the key aspects of hall life, and strive to make each hall as incredible as it possibly can be. 


Who sits on HSF?

HSF President 
HSF Vice president
HSF Secretary

The hall chairs from each of the 16 halls across campus, who are responsible for managing their hall's committee and overseeing the running of their respective halls
Chair of Social secretaries
Chair of IMS (Intramural Sport)
Chair of FREEC representatives
Chair of Treasurers
Chair of Stash representatives
Representative from the Students Union Executive team
Representative from RAG committee
Representative from Action committee
Representative from Welfare & Diversity committee
Representative from Media committee


Any enquiries, suggestions or complaints about university life from each hall can also be brought to HSF, and we will work hard to make sure the appropriate steps are taken. If you have any queries at all, pass them on to a member of your committee and they will get to us at HSF. This can be anything from thoughts about a specific section of the Union, to concerns about the living arrangements in your Hall. We will do what we can to adress the situation and feed back the information via the appropriate people. Alternatively, you can contact any of us directly via the email addresses below.


Once again congratulations on gaining a place at Loughborough University. We can honestly say that it will be the best three years of your life and our advice is to throw yourself into much as possible. The more you put in the more you’ll get out!




The HSF Committee  


Max Crawford – HSF President hsfpresident@lsu.co.uk

Edward Reckless – HSF Vice-President E.J.Reckless-11@student.lboro.ac.uk

Natalie Panto – HSF Secretary n.panto-12@student.lboro.ac.uk


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