League and BUCS session Wednesday

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League and BUCS session Wednesday
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League and BUCS session Wednesday

Gents following the postponement of the game we will have 2 sessions on today and I have listed groups below.

12-1.15pm Boxing in the Judo hall above Powerbase. The person named next to you is your pair!

1pm Plyo's or weights or injury specific session with John in Powerbase. Please all meet John at 1pm and he will sort out from there.

I will try to organise some more boxing/grappling type sessions for Friday or Saturday morning

Lets work hard!

Boxing: Boxing: Plyo's or weights: Plyo's or weights:
Jack Steadman Harry Williams  Mike Daniels  Iain Meads
Josh Gape George Messum   Ali Bone  Stephen Harrison
Fred Silcock Jake Parker Ben Rubio  Will Roberts
Tom Crozier Gareth Harris  Sam Katz  Tom Parkin
Joe Atkinson Oliver Robinson  Ed Hepworth  Tom Pointer
Russell Weir Chris Surman  Sam Heygate  Elliot Markham
Will Simpson Andy Hall Matt Lamming Ben Robinson
Chris Kinloch Callum Wilson Craig Dowsett Courteney Morrison
Craig Holland Ed Rolston  Luke Bowler Gus Davies
 Matt Rogerson Rob Conquest  Oscar Ward  Josh Leccia
    Keifer Laxton  George Haliwell
       Sam Staff
    Injured session:  Jay Rudland-Thomas
Tigers:   Joe McManus  Bill Harling
Camilo Parilli   Matt McKenna  Max Rowsen
    Phil Whitfield  Tom Hancock
Scotland U.20's:   Marco Dartora  
Alex Allan    Alex Davis  
Jack Bradford    Cam Fraser  
     Andrew Killerby  
     Henry Garnett