"Work or study abroad for the Ultimate global education"


The Erasmus programme is an amazing experience in which you are given 6-12 months to study at a partner University in countries around the world. The greatest benefits about the programme is that you are able to meet people from all over the world, whilst having the chance to live and share your experiences with them in a different country. The programme offers everything from taking part in multicultural events, learning a foreign language and definitely alot of partying!

To further add to this all accepted students will recieve a grant from the British Council as well as having to pay no tuition fees while on Erasmus!

Here at Loughborough, we want to ensure that your Erasmus experience is one that will never be forgotten and we want you to get involved!

If you are interested either as an international or home student then you will find no more welcoming place than the Loughborough Erasmus Society.


You can currently find us on facebook, just type Loughborough Erasmus and Exchange 2012/2013 or email global@lsu.co.uk.


For those interested in partaking in Erasmus  then contact your head of department.




 A fantastic opportunity to both study at a university abroad and undertake an international placement with a corporate partner. Make contacts with global engineering firms. Benefit from professional coaching and training. Spend time living abroad and getting to know another country. Meet and make friends with people from different countries. An opportunity to learn another language.
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