How's Your Father?

How's Your Father?

Sunday 20 May 2012 // 8pm - 11pm // JC's Bar

Open Mic Night

We are looking for anytype of Open Mic performers. If you are fed up of playing in your bedroom and uploading your covers to YouTube?

Why not email and you can book a slot to play at our next How's Your Father Open Mic Night!


Sunday Nights

Sundays at the Union

Alternating Comedy and Open Mic

Don’t Tell Your Mother! Brings fantastic up and coming comedy acts from the London circuit. How’s Your Father? Open Mic Night where anything goes to register your interest email Both night have the fantastic offer of Pizza for £1 a slice, Coke & Lemonade £1 a pint or 4 Bottles of Rekorderlig for £10!

Don't Tell Your Mother: £1 - Free entry with Platinum & Returners Extra
How's Your Father?: