E&E at the Union

Where does Loughborough Students' Union stand on Ethical & Environmental issues?


We could write a blanket CSR statement here, as modeled by the Royal Bank of Scotland:
We recognise the significant global threat posed by climate change
and we are committed to taking an active role in supporting the transition
to a low carbon economy. We want to play our part in efforts to lessen the
severity of climate change as well as helping our [students] to realise
the opportunities that this new era of development is bringing.*
Or, we could just tell you a little bit about what we do, and you can make your own judgment
about where we stand on environmental and ethical issues:
In 2003, Union Council voted to include a part-time Ethical & Environmental Officer in the Executive committee. Since then, there have been nine different E&E Officers on the Exec, all of whom have chosen different areas of the Union to tackle.
In 2007, LSU was one of six pilot unions involved in the Carbon Academy, a scheme set up to audit unions and help them set plans to reduce their Carbon emissions.
Despite an increase in activities, LSU has shown a decreasing consumption in gas, electricity, and water usage from the academic year 05-06 to 07-08 .
In 2007, the Energy League (a joint initiative between the University, imago Services, and LSU) was 'Highly Commended' in the Green Gown Awards, which recognise superior efforts in sustainability within the Higher Education Sector. 
In 2008, LSU was placed seventh in the Sunday Times Best Green Companies list, and won first place in the 'small organisations with low environmental impact' category.
In both 2007 and 2008, LSU was the overall winner of the Sound Impact Awards, which recognise environmental management efforts in Student Unions.

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*from http://www.rbs.com/corporate03a.asp?id=CORPORATE_RESPONSIBILITY/ENVIRONMENTAL_IMPACT