E&E Committee 2014/2015



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Benji Appleby
Mathematics (3rd Year)
E&E is the most up and coming section that the Union has to offer. With exciting events like Farmers Markets, Bake Offs and Film nights, there really is something for everyone. We also have two major weeks in February; Fairtrade Fortnight and E&E Week (incorprated during Fairtrade Fortnight). Here we have events every day of the week so there's definitely time to get involved!
After all, the points your hall receives from the E&E Section (our league table is called the Enviro League by the way), counts as much as your Rag or Action totals. Points on this are achieved by recycling, energy reduction and proactivity.
Feel free to contact me if you have any queries. eande@lsu.co.uk