LSU Constitution

This is the latest version of the Union Constitution which was approved by Union Affairs Committee. The purpose of the Union Constitution is to set out in a single place, and in clear language, how the Students Union works and how it makes decisions. The Union Constitution provides Union Members, Union Executive Officers and Union Staff with an operational framework to achieve objectives on the Union Strategic Plan.

The constitution is made up of 3 parts:


The Paragraphs define different sections of the union and its governance - for example what Union Forum is. These take hierarchy over everything else and need approval from the Board of Trustees, the College and the University before they can be amended by Union Affairs Committee.

Paragraphs of the Constitution - Current Version 8.0  - Download Here


The Schedules outline who comprises each section of the Union – for example which individuals make up Union Forum. 

Schedules - Current Version 8.1 - Download Here

Standing Orders

The Standing Orders explain the procedures behind each section of the Union – for example how a Union Forum is run, how you elect an individual to a position and when it should be done. The standing orders and schedules can be changed by the union affairs committee.

Standing Orders - Current Version 8.1 - Download Here