What are Programme Reps?

Programme reps are students who are elected by their peers to represent all students on their particular course. They are the main point of call for students who have problems, issue or ideas relating to their course. The Programme Rep will meet regularly with the Curriculum Area Rep to share the views of students to be fed back to the college and in return feedback information and outcomes to the students on their programme. 


Why being a Programme Rep is such a great opportunity…

  • A chance to improve quality of teaching and learning
  • Improve your leadership, communication and negotiation skills
  • Increase your confidence
  • Improve college life for you and your peers
  • Training opportunities
  • Gain a wide range of practical skills that will make you more employable


What is expected of a Programme Rep?

  • Attend induction and training events
  • Gather and represent students’ opinions about the course
  • Feedback students’ opinions to student/staff liaison committee meetings.
  • Attend Student Forums throughout the year to discuss changes that would make the college a better place for students
  • Promote student rights
  • Ensure that students on their course are made aware of the opportunities to get involved with the LSU and other college activities to enhance their experience and actively engage them in such activities. 


Who supports Programme Reps?

Ongoing guidance and support is provided by your Tutor, VP College, VP Education, College Staff and LSU Staff.


When do I start!!!

Elections will take place on:

FE Students - 3rd October 2014

HE Students - 10th October 2014

  • Nominate yourself for the position when your tutor asks.
  • You will be asked to talk in front of your course group why you want to be a Programme Rep and what you can bring to the role
  • Students in your class will then vote for their Programme Representative


Programme Rep Training takes place on…

FE Programme Reps – 17th October 2014

HE Programme Reps - 21st October 2014


Opportunity Profile

The basic outline of the job role can be found here …

The opportunity profile describes the main roles and responsibilities a Programme Rep would have.


We really recommend that you take advantage of this great opportunity and get involved and become Programme Reps; it is a great opportunity to become part of a team, and enhance your CV whilst being at the forefront of educational developments for your course. Becoming a Programme Rep leads to future opportunities, for example the chance to become a Programme President.


If you have any queries regarding this position, please contact you VP College Officer; Gayathri Seneviratne at