Why being a Course Rep is such a great opportunity?


 Training Opportunities
Improve your leadership, communication and negotiation skills
Increase your confidence
Improve college life for you and your peers
A great addition to your CV

What is expected of a Course Rep?


Represent the views of students at course meetings and tackle issues that matter
Get involved in quality assurance processes to improve quality of courses, teaching and learning
Attend Student Council meetings and Conferences throughout the year to discuss changes that would make college a better place for students
Promote student rights
Work with and direct Student Executive on behalf of students
Help promote events and activities available to students

Who supports Course Reps?


• Your Tutor, College Student Executive, LSU Executive Staff, Student Development Team

When do I start!!!


Elections will take place in September 2012


Nominate yourself for the position when your tutor asks
You will be asked to talk in front of your group why you want to be a Course Rep and what you can bring to the role
Students in your class will then vote for their Course Representative

Training starts in October