Starting a new club at Loughborough could not be easier. All you need is to complete the
online form below:

Why be an AU Club?
On becoming an AU Club you have access to the following support and resources:
A business address
Health & Safety comfort; knowing that all members are insured and all activities are safe
Space on with direct communication with the student body
A set up grant from LSU and an annual grant thereafter.
Access to campus-wide publicity for your clubs’s activities
Advice on how to organise trips,  which companies to use etc
Free access to Union meeting rooms
Access to Union Minibus and van hire
Discounted rates for social room hire in the union
Access to University Rooms
Access to sporting facilities (not just on campus)
Recognition and reward, including an AU Colours
Free skills training
Accredited training options: food handling, first aid
Separate club bank account, professional financial advice & support
Marketing/Sponsorship advice
Contracts and employment admin for professional coaches/trainers
Opportunities to gain key transferable skills
Full time sabbatical officer and staff support
Dedicated social night for all societies
Committee handbook as a reference for running your Club
Support to ensure all members have equal rights and opportunities
The application pack consists of a:
-         New Club Form
-         Code of Conduct template
-         Benefits of affiliating with the Student’s Union


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What happens after I submit my application form?
After LSU receives your application the AU President and Student Activities Officer will have a meeting to decide if it is appropriate for the proposed club/society to become affiliated to LSU and in what capacity. At this meeting it will also be decided if your club/society is going to be an AU Club or a Student Society.
How will I know if my application has been successful?
You will be contacted via e-mail by either the Au President or the Student Activities Officer to say if your application has been successful and the relevant section will take your application further.
What happens next?
Once your club or society becomes affiliated to LSU you will be given space on to run your club and a membership product will be created so that people can join your club through e-shop. Once you have 20 members or more members the relevant executive officer will call a General Meeting of all your members to elect a committee.
How will I know how to run my club/society?
As soon as a committee has been elected LSU will be on hand to offer you all the support and training you need to make your club or society a real success.