Countdown to the Gradball:

The Gradball is coming.. July 22nd!

The graduation ball this year will be following The Chronicles of Narnia theme, as in previous years, the Union building will be transformed to create a magical and spectacular backdrop to such a prestigious event. There will be plenty of photo opportunities including some with the walk-around characters.

There are some fantastic activities to take part in whilst attending the ball, combining a mixture of new editions and some old Loughborough favourites:

Inside the building there will be a professional photographer capturing both formal and informal photos of the night as well as the legendary survivors picture. Chocolate fountains will be flowing to cater for you sweet tooth’s out there in need of some chocolaty delights. Video Karaoke provides the perfect opportunity for all you X-Factor want to be’s so why not show off your talents of embarrass yourself for one last time in front of your friends before you leave. We may not be Las Vegas but we will have a few casino tables for all you budding gamblers out there. Becoming increasingly popular and providing that much needed breather our Oxygen Bar will be free to use before Midnight. We will of course be showing the Narnia films in our cinema theatre for when it all gets too much and you need some time to relax and put your feet up.

Outside the fun continues, this year we see the return of the British fireworks champions who will launch a fantastic display choreographed to music. There will be a Wedding Chappell on the Union lawn so you can marry your date for the evening, or maybe someone else’s, all of which is non-legally binding of course. There will be some fantastic offers on cocktails in our dedicated cocktail bars and the perfect area to cool off outside in our chill out area. It wouldn’t be a ball if we didn’t bring you all the fun of the fair, this year we have a Ferris Wheel on offer as well as an outdoor ice skating rink for all you thrill seekers.